Pointing Children To Christ – 52 Weeks Family Devotional

By: Lilian Kasanga.

Have you given close thought to the world your child is growing in?

Your child’s world is way different, than the world you grew up in.

It is moving at a fast pace, almost difficult to keep up with.

It is a world that is also more perilous than in previous generations,

Parents today, are equally faced with the challenge to discover how to help children navigate this world, how to keep them anchored in God’s Word, and become change champions for God’s eternal purposes. For every parent who desires to raise excellent, confident, God-fearing children, there is a need to be purposeful, diligent, and skillful about it. Parents not only wield the most considerable influence in their children’s lives, but they also influence who their children become in the future by imparting wisdom and cultivating character. Effective parents are intentional about raising wise children who are empowered to make the right choices in life. This book is a practical tool for those pursuing this noble goal. For “The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.”

– Billy Graham.

So How do we model our families?

What do we model after?

How do we raise strong, positive children in a seemingly defective world?

For this reason, Lilian Kasanga the author of Pointing Children to Christ family Devotional (here) wrote this book, coupled with her passion for building up strong families that buttress society. She passionately adds her voice; calling out the older generation to arise with intentionality and invest in the next generation. Pointing Children to Christ family Devotional empowers families to actively engage in the societal transformation process to cultivate character in the younger generation, one family at a time. The need is great. The command rings true.

The author, Lilian Kasanga, invites you to envision with her a place where families are purposeful and deliberate in disciplining children. A place where parents wholeheartedly seek to restore godly values in the home. Where God becomes central, and families run by His design. What a beautiful world that would be!